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Protecting your rental income

North West Lets are delighted to provide you with a new and innovative NIL Excess Rent Guarantee insurance policy provided by Let Alliance.

By applying this additional service to your rental property you can remove the worry of rent arrears and legal costs. This protection is only available via quality letting agents and cannot be purchased directly from Let Alliance.

The Rent Guarantee is designed to provide comprehensive cover and we will handle the entire process all the way until vacant possession is attainted.

With the economic climate not getting any easier and in fact things look like being difficult for quite some time ahead. Tenants are certainly not immune from these tough conditions with continued job losses across public and private sectors as well as soaring inflation contributing to the increase in rent arrears.

We are all well aware just how difficult it is to get a mortgage these days, so we have no shortage of quality tenants, having said that, circumstances can change overnight and good tenants can find themselves in difficulty, leading to late rental payments or even defaults. (Insert Letting Agent Firm Name) has taken steps to protect our landlord clients from these risks.

The risk of late rental income is more severe if you have a mortgage so please consider the steps you need to take in order to protect your rental income.

Are you covered? If not, take a look at what is on offer:

  • Available as 6 or 12 month policies
  • In the event a tenant defaults on their rent payments, the rent will be paid
  • Let Alliance Rent Guarantee is NIL EXCESS
  • Up to £2,500 rent per month cover
  • Rent continues to be paid until tenant/ex-tenant vacates property
  • Insurer’s Legal costs of gaining vacant possession are taken care of

We passionately believe that it is our job to remove the worry of rent arrears and eviction proceedings as well as providing you with financial success from your property portfolio, so call us now on 0845 519965 and make sure your rent is protected.

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